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I have the pictures, yes I took a lot because I was upset.

Please notify your Makers to look into this because this really could of went south and it scared me I could of had my daughter eat that vitamin.

Of late getting to speak to anyone in a position to answer questions and address problems is impossible. I am writing this email for my elderly 82 year old father, Antonios Antonelos, who has been a valued member of Costco for many years.

“That’s how WE do it is not a viable answer.” My first question ‘is there an ombudsman position or department that one can contact to address problems? Second given the above & that we’ve been members for decades why should I renew this time? He went to drink one of your Kirkland Brand Purified 16oz, water bottles during his night’s sleep and discovered a sharp piece of plastic inside the bottle touching his lips.

We were wondering when you are going to provide South Pinellas County with a Costco.

We are over 20 miles away and it is literally a day trip to go way up to Clearwater Florida, drive, park, shop & drive back.

Their major competitors are Sam’s Club and BJ’s wholesale.

There is a Sam’s and Walmarts in Corpus with absolutely NO COMPETi TION!

It looks like it could be anything and I have to say it feels firm like it could be a popcorn kettle (but probably not, just trying to describe what it looks like).

Anyways Kirk and children’s vitamins like all other vitamins like all other Kirkland merchandise should be checked and maybe considerably recalled.

Thinking that an empty Walmart store & huge parking lot at Tyrone Blvd and Park Street would be an ideal location. Petersburg, Florida and the outer bank islands near by.

There are also tons of Motels kitchenettes & Condo-tels along our Gulf Blvd area with enough high volume tourism added to the resident’s needs.

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