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He submitted RBS’s yen Libor rate himself on occasions where other employees responsible were absent.On those occasions he “took into account requests of other RBS derivatives traders [and] trading positions for which he and other derivatives traders were responsible”, the FCA stated.The Libor rates submitted by the major banks are used to price billions of dollars of loans and trillions of dollars of derivatives.A small movement either way could provide large gains or losses for a trader.Mr Danziger’s lawyer Ben Rose, of the law firm Hickman & Rose, said: “Mr Danziger continues to dispute the FCA’s findings and feels strongly that he is being scapegoated for the systemic problems relating to Libor.“However, the last five years have been incredibly challenging.“Market participants cannot turn a blind eye to what the community, through its laws and regulations, expects, nor apply their own, lower standards.

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The purpose of these trades was to pay fees to brokers in return for personal hospitality that they had provided Mr Danziger, the FCA said.

Mark Steward, executive director of enforcement and market oversight at the FCA, said: “Proper standards of market conduct reflect the interests of the whole community in the well-being of our financial markets.

“Mr Danziger’s reckless disregard of these standards has no place in the financial services industry.

The windows are set into solid wood frames and bolted into the lattice.

The front door is a regular pre-hung steel door with full low-e glass.

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