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A., is impressed with Gumbel's ego, and Lampley is no wallflower himself. ''In Seoul, he'll make us all look humble.'' Egocentric? K., so Gumbel once said that Pauley, movie critic Gene Shalit and weatherman Willard Scott ''never looked better'' than with him on the show. K., Gumbel doesn't read his mail or look at tapes of his performances or those of his competition. K., Gumbel always has to have the last line and the last laugh. But I brought you into this life, not him.'' Bryant wrote back, ''I'm not going to dignify some of your remarks. He brings six golf shirts on a three-day golf trip just to make sure he looks perfect. If he knows that he ''will never see someone as good'' as his father, he knows that includes himself. ''In his best year, my dad didn't make what I do in a month,'' says Gumbel. My father did what he did better than I do what I do. He had more worth.'' It is a constant process, Gumbel has said, ''measuring myself against my father and always coming up short.'' And so, to alleviate the guilt, to prove his worth, Gumbel works obsessively.

Anti-Gumbelers say his microchip perfection will wear out its welcome the first week. They needed somebody who had stature, who was tremendously facile and glib, who had supreme confidence in himself and wasn't likely to be rattled by anything. Jim Lampley, the former ABC sportscaster now with KCBS in L. ''I'm not a big person in the social life, not a cultural leader. Gumbel has a spare dark suit and tie hanging in his office in case the news is tragic and the suit he's wearing is too light for the occasion.

In fact, the only racism he encounters comes from other blacks. Greg was on hand for his younger sister Renee's wedding. With that constant, every-day comparison, there's no way she can measure up.'' Bryant: ''She probably doesn't think I'm as proud of her as I am. His goal is to go into every interview unsurprisable.

No answer can shock him because he knows all the answers. The Gumbel feud is an eephus pitch right in Letterman's wheelhouse.

And that doesn't include the biggest prize of all: his job as host of the most expensive TV undertaking ever -- NBC's coverage of the Seoul Olympics.

Over the 16 days of the Games, Gumbel's image will be projected by more prime- time cathode rays than any network anchor's in history.

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