Dating your husband quotes

You know that feeling you get when you get dressed in something decidedly feminine and you can feel your husband’s eyes do a double take?When he responds to your femininity by treating you like someone really special—way more special than all the other women in the world? Your husband gets the same charge out of having you recognize and appreciate his masculinity, notice his sex appeal, and tell him about it.(And yes, we understand that there are some things the expert on.But that’s not the point.) Thank him for the knowledge and the skills he brings to the table in your family. It might be his sharpest suit or that rugged look he gets after working hard or playing hard outdoors.William Galston, Clinton White House *************You can't be value free when it comes to marriage.Al Gore, June, 2001 *****************The principal objective of American government at every level should be to see that children are born into intact families and that they remain so.- Unknown*************My wife’s actions are a mirror. Do you remember the '70s, they had all these 'empowering' groups where you tell everybody everything? That's stupid."Jim Harrison**************Research has shown a child who sees his mother mistreated is more damaged than if the child himself is abused.

Get a little touchy under the table at dinner or at the movies. Nothing in the world will make your husband feel more like a man than knowing that you still want him. Check out these 41 Ways to Romance Your Husband for some inspiration! Greg Smalley’s How to Treat Your Husband Like a Man: 10 Ways. You’ll both be winners if you learn how to make your husband feel like a man!In this post-women’s lib world, we sometimes forget the value of playing up what makes us different.I think we have a good marriage but do we put each other down sometimes? Juliet, TN, married 51 years*************Don't be a buzz kill.When your spouse shares something exiting, match their enthusiasm.-Stan Co Marriage***********We heard this at a wedding: ' If you are going to argue, argue naked.' Peg and Harry Williams, Nashville, TN*************I want to be your favorite hello, and hardest goodbye.

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