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We had to have as much love as Brian had partners, and that’s a lot.

"If you’ll notice, I made a very distinct choice for the majority of the time Ben and Michael had sex facing each other.

I remember watching the pilot episode and that first sex scene—that was the first time I have seen gay men engaging in any physical activity that didn’t involve front-to-back.

I noticed his ankles on his shoulders and I was like, 'Oh, well I guess that makes sense.' "I was the one who said that I really wanted my sex scenes to have meaning.

“I get a little bit pissed at times about how forgotten we can be to certain extent, and how we played a major part in paving the way for actors to feel more comfortable playing gay roles,” says Hal Sparks, who was known to most people at the time as the host of E!I wanted gay couples and gay individuals who were watching the show, were told by everyone around them that their sexuality was a lifestyle choice or just physical, to see the love in the sex. Because that’s why I think gay or lesbian is a much more valuable word than homosexual—because homosexual denotes to a physical connectivity and gay and lesbian is about relationships.What I wanted them to see was two gay men together, not two homosexuals.Over the past 10 years, however, something changed.Every TV show seemed to have a gay character, men and teenage boys kissed on network television, and people seemed more interested in engagements and wedding ceremonies than they did about the things that happened in the bedroom.

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