Hofner beatle bass dating

The Hofner Ignition has something that looks similar to the 500/1 staple-style pickups, while many of the others (including the Turser) use a set of generic mini-humbucker-looking pickups.

I can tell you that, from my perspective, the Turser versions are excellent.....

I didn't like the curly-Q tailpiece, so that was the first to go.

I set the tone controls flat and the bright switch on.

The Peavey system sounded ballsy, but the Twin and JBL's made the violin bass sound it's best.

I assume that there must be some differences in the pickups used by the various companies (although I suspect, from telltale signs like the use of the curly-Q tailpiece, that all of the Asian violin basses originate from one factory).

But, don't worry, registering is quick, easy and painless. After playing the Hofner Ignition Violin bass for a whole day, I realized that while it sounds good, it doesn't exactly feel like a bass at it's price point (it costs 0 USD but it feels like a 0 or cheaper bass).

After digging around the internet for a bit, I came across the Rogue VB100 bass and Epiphone Viola bass on Musician's friend and the Harley Benton beatbass on

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