Invalidating a session in jsp

Wild Fly Swarm is a framework based on the popular Wild Fly Java application server to enable the creation of small, standalone microservice-based applications.Wild Fly Swarm is capable of producing so-called file that includes everything you need to execute your application.

Using Arquillian, you have the capability of injecting unit tests into a running application.When using containers, place the runtime components in a container image lower in the image hierarchy—​which means it changes less often—​so that the higher layer which contains only your application code can be rebuilt more quickly.To explicitly specify the Wild Fly Swarm fractions your application uses, instead of relying on auto-detection, Wild Fly Swarm includes a set of BOMs (bill of materials) which you can use instead of having to track and update Maven artifact versions in several places.This means both the runtime components you have selected—​you can understand that to as the app server-- along with the application components (your An uberjar is useful for many continuous integration and continuous deployment (CI/CD) pipeline styles, in which a single executable binary artifact is produced and moved through the testing, validation, and production environments in your organization.A hollow jar is suitable for deployment processes that involve Linux containers such as Docker.

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