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Walkers is a brand who get top dogs to partake in their advertising campaigns and listen to their customers via online polls about which crisps should be their next big thing. O'Donnell's is a family orientated company based in Clonmel, who over the years have perfected the art of the crisp.

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As for biscuits and tea/tea bags, you might need someone to post you some from home. You might look at this member's profile her shop here Edit - Tom beat me to it...that's what happens when someone wants to talk to you mid post.Yet these potato curls lack a certain sandwich-able ability in that, when chewed, they have the texture of wet soil.A true hangover dream for when all you need are foods in the colours yellow and beige. They fall-down is that their bacon flavour is questionable, and you can't deny the raging aftertaste you will experience for several days following.Also, with a special Roast Turkey and Secret Stuffing recipe coming out this Winter, you can have Christmas dinner everyday. Not to mention their many other flavours – rumour has it that their Beef and Guinness crisps are the closest thing you'll ever experience to Tir na nÓg itself. and you just know what's slotted in ahead of it into the top spot, don't you?Known as the crisp-lover's crisp, King crisps are stupendous, boasting a unique taste that they somewhat annoyingly chalk down to a "secret ingredient".

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