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I say that not to make you feel worse, but to explain what your boss might be thinking.

As for there’s anything you can do to get the job back … That said, this is a situation where I think you have nothing to lose by trying, even if it doesn’t ultimately work.

I should have been more careful when I was booking the flights and should have paid more attention when the list of hotels came up. The worst part is my boss and the executive didn’t realize the city was wrong until they landed. Both my boss and the executive came to our district from the province of Quebec after two branches merged, and while their English is good, it is not their first language and they didn’t realize I had booked the wrong international city.)They ended up in Italy and missed the conference and meetings they were supposed to attend and were not able to pitch our product. How can I convince my boss that I’m sorry and to give me another chance? People are human and they make mistakes, and it doesn’t usually make sense to jettison an excellent employee who messes up once (especially since most competent people will be extremely careful never to make that mistake again).

The cost of my mistake — incorrect flight tickets, hotel, conference fee, and lost product orders — was at least ,000 and possibly even more. But it can make more sense if it’s part of a pattern.

You could contact your boss with a sincere apology and explain that you’re mortified and that you understand the terrible impact it had.

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** SPARKLE AWARDS ** (INVITED PICS ONLY) POST 1 AWARD 3 17. Not So Beautiful Guys And The Guys Who Love Them 193. Pansexual, Omnisexual Exploration of the Human Concept 201. The travel was supposed to be to the American city of Naples, in the state of Florida.I accidentally booked a flight and hotel for the city of Naples in Italy instead. I’m not generally a proponent of firing people for a single mistake if their work is otherwise good, even if the mistake is a big one.

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