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I like to be 120, but after eating last night’s French food with the French dude I’m 123lbs. I really didn’t think I’d like French food, which I didn’t when I went to Paris years ago. I’m a little more outgoing...'I think there’s only one Brandi in the world and that’s all we can handle. I’m glad that Eileen developed a personality this year.

But my palette’s definitely changed so it was really good.'When asked how she feels about Erika Jayne, dubbed 'the new Brandi,' the real Brandi replied: 'We’re really nothing alike, but I like her "no bullsh*t" attitude.

Jennifer also told au that she and the kids are spending Thanksgiving with Ben.

We are friends; we can manage it.'Jennifer and Ben separated in June 2015 but officially filed for divorce in April 2017.

I go to my grocery store almost every day and get their deviled eggs.

I have no problem with having it because I plan on having it ALL done one day, but you have to be able to afford it and have downtime, which I don’t have right now.'Brandi described her diet tip at the moment, telling Daily Mail.com: 'I’m eating pretty normally now, but just less of it. I make egg salad, I’m having eggs three times a day.

Next, we organized them by genre, knowing that our realistic fiction books were myriad, and we'd have to create sub-groups.

Here are the groups upon which we decided: 2 tables - realistic fiction 1 - sports/adventure/survival 2 - nonfiction 1 - memoirs/biographies 1 - fantasy (in a realistic setting) 1 - fantasy (not on this world or of this time) 1 - science fiction 1 - historical fiction Todd H.

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