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"She's obviously checked in already," Dave observed getting out of the driver's seat. As they stepped up onto the stoop the cabin's inner door swung open. " Through the fly screen, the men could make out the profile of...Read On Added: | Category: Bisexual | Avg Score: 5 | Words: 1,232 | Tags: anal oral | 2 Comments The love triangle gets hotter I woke at eight o’clock the following morning and I went to the kitchen; Kevin was already up and had the coffee brewing. “Sure was bud, thanks for letting me stay over.” “No problem, like Christy, said, we are family, Steve.” He went to Greg’s room and returned to me...What I am about to recount for you is completely real. Read On Added: | Category: Cuckold | Avg Score: 4.92 | Words: 5,222 | Tags: cuckold first time flirting hotwife sex oral | 4 Comments In which things go off-script I couldn't help giggling.At the best of times, I was one of the world's gigglers, and finding myself dressed like a fourth-former from my own school, out in the company of one of my former pupils, was a legitimate cause for humour.My wife and I are seven-and-a-half years into our marriage which, up until about three weeks ago, was about as typical as they get.Now, however, after that night, everything has changed.

Read On Added: | Category: Office Sex | Words: 1,451 | Tags: boss secretary blow job chair sex sixty-nine pussy licking lesbian | 12 Comments Young girl on her first cruise learns something new The new cruise ship was enormous and, looking from the dock, it was intimidating.

I DO support it) But He feels like an Incubus and I also do not trust him.

The same sensation that you feel in your stomach when it's time to eat dinner, I feel in the deepest part of my chest, all the time. It will be a subtle, aching hunger continuously, it is easier to endure if I am... There is someone interested in my husband (another guy not a female.

Lately i have been trying to come out of denial and be who i am but now thats causing judgement and me loosing even close friends. As I got older I realized that I could feel other people's emotions and I would act as if they were my own. I have a gnawing sense of restlessness and stagnation that just keeps flickering around my very aura and being. although sitting here practically naked and sipping rum from the bottle, i'm not without want of anything better to do. Do you know how scary it is finding out it's not some elaborate game of dungeons of dragons but a real thing?

From my early age ( 4-5 years) i have feeling that I'm different, all the people i encounterd in my life said that too. For thousands of years humans label anything they don't like or understand as evil. ever since I was young I knew everything about sex. How about this for a real Succubus, I'm not proud of the blood line I have, I'm not proud that I've hurt people and never knew why until now, I've hospitalized boyfriends from having sex with them,and when I found what I was and what I could do, I did it all the time, it was like... I sit here, staring vacantly at the screen, not even knowing where to begin. I'd be readily available at any time, and i would't limit the intake. i think nothing short of insanity has lead me to tell my story on a website like this... Every guy and girl I ever kissed would tell me they loved me not long after... Do you know how scary it is to hear thoughts in your head in your own voice but know they aren't your own?

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