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"Even at the border, I say the problem lies in my child's illness, I don't even mention my husband's persecution," Fatima, one of the Chechen women waiting to enter Poland at the Brest train station in Belarus told Dosh magazine in February.She feared that spies for Chechnya's dictatorial leader, Ramzan Kadyrov, were listening in to the public asylum interview.On Europe's eastern frontier, the Polish border guard has been turning away an increasing number of asylum seekers, many from the repressive Russian republic of Chechnya, with little protest from European leaders.For years, the Terespol border has been a main entry point for Chechens, Tajiks and others from the post-Soviet region to cross from Belarus into Poland and reach EU territory.Chechens trying to get asylum in Poland could get caught up in this deal.

That is particularly the case in Germany, which took in by far the most asylum seekers that year and has been the main destination for Chechens entering the EU via Poland."But this statement cannot just be reduced to simply using the word 'asylum' or 'refugee,' but the pursuing of asylum must be proven by the entire response of the foreigner during the border interview." In January, the Polish Ministry of Interior announced amendments to the asylum law that, when implemented, will allow for the automatic detention of several categories of people crossing the border without a visa.In late March, the ministry proposed a draft regulation that would allow detaining migrants in guarded containers."On the other hand, she is still hoping for a political agreement on relocation by the summer, which means she cannot antagonize anyone too much," he said, referring to the beleaguered EU relocation scheme to distribute asylum seekers around the bloc."The EU's reluctance to act on the Polish-Belarus border shows the flawed compromise the EU is willing to accept in order to keep the migration crisis away from the heart of Europe," said Dam from Human Rights Watch.

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